Energy of the Day : Amazing Calm

Inviting you ALL to actively connect to the LIBERATION process that is taking place on our Beautiful Living Planet NOW and has been in preparation for many years, decades, centuries, millennia…

An amazing Calm has arisen in the World today as i sense it. Peaceful images come drifting in. See my heart being the centre of where the pebble touched the water and tender ripples are moving outward…
Morphs into:  the Heart as the Pearl in the Lotus radiating Peace : Om Mani Padme Hum. This beautiful mantra that connects me to the 5D+ realm as it brings everything back to its Lighted Essence.

I asked my universe for an update and this is what the Wise Ones said:
“YES! The lifting up has joyously started. Heartlevel vibrations are filling your field and the fields of more and more people. It is a great dance of Light pouring into and out of your Souls. Restaints have been removed and you are coming home to yourSelves. It is a beautiful blessed happening to watch from where we are indeed! Like the pearl that was always there on an invisible level now reveals itself with a radiance you’ve never seen before. It is Coming Home, Homecoming indeed. Crispy, Fresh Celebration Spirit.
Pain is dissolving. Grace is healing, dissolving karmic traces….   Birthing into the Awareness that what we’ve done to another, we’ve done to ourselves. Dissolving boundaries…Forgiveness starts to Blossom like Spring… watch it happen!!
Connection Re-Found to Source. Finding our way back. It spells R.E.L.I.E.F.!!!”

Hereby i am sending LOVE to ALL of you and specially to the ones who have joined the Forces of Light thereby overcoming the Enslavement. To my Teachers, to the patient, trusting, challenging, annoying, silent, giving, joyful, creative, serious, humoring, disciplining, laughing, being, deep, truthful Teachers in my life. Let Spirit Move You